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Let’s Walk The City TOKYO! [Tokyo Burari] Vol.3 Yushima Area
Rereased today on Youtube Please enjoy ! “burari” means “Being without any purpose” in Japanese Tokyo is the capital city in Japan. You may already know about another several downtown in Japan like Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asakusa and Akihabara.
However, there still exists Japanese ancient streets and landscapes when you choose one other street in such towns
In this channel, looking for The landscape we, Japanese, haven’t seen yet with Sanponin (a person who take a walk with us) and introduce you the beautiful town in Tokyo. 「Let`s walk the City Tokyo!」 Guess, what kind of spot you can see! You’ll be able to find a new spot. “Let’s walk the Tokyo!” with Sanponin!

◆Yushima Area


◆The woman who walks the town: SaChi ::::: harineko
https://harineko.com/ — Web: https://tokyoburari.com


Twiter: https://twitter.com/TBurari
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tokyoburari/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tokyoburari/ — Vol.1 [ Yanesen Area ]

Vol.2 [ Aoyama Area]

Let’s Walk大都市“东京”(东京Burari)
东京是日本的首都 大家都知道有名的新宿,渋谷,浅草和秋叶原
如果再进深一条路 你可以发现东京还有古都的风格
这个节目发现东京原来的风景 主持人(散步人)介绍美丽的东京
Let’s Walk 大都市“东京”
你想象 可能找到新的地方 是日本人还没发现 “我们去转转“跟散步人